How much do hearing aids cost? TL;DR new online store!

What a great question! Unfortunately, its the one question hearing aid professionals are trained to avoid when asked. Why? Because they cost too much. Well, if you buy from a clinic, they do. But Hearing In Motion is on a mission to provide the best hearing devices affordably without sacrificing service. We've been sharing with our real prices with our phone, email, and text shoppers for years. Here's the thing though, we like to be able to shop online, plan our purchases ahead, and decide on a good deal before we go face-to-face with an expert. If we have too, we'll call and ask, but we feel strange doing that, we don't know all the lingo yet, what if we say the wrong thing? We figured you feel that way too. So we've launched an online store! We're pretty excited about it.

We only post items we would be proud to fit on our own Mom. (And she was a hearing specialist too!) You will see well made hearing devices and accessories from reputable brands with makes, models and prices clearly marked for your researching pleasure. We ship hearing aids free, programmed or un-programmed. If you live nearby, we can arrange a free mobile hearing exam in your home or office, or we will gladly use a hearing evaluation you already have.

We will be adding more inventory soon and updating it as new technology comes out. So stay tuned! Happy Shopping!

And remember, to us, you always sound smart on the phone.