We can bring practically any hearing service you need right to you.


Our Services

We are a full-service hearing care provider. Whether that means fitting devices to you at our office, your home/office or adjusting your devices at the place where you have the most trouble (restaurant/job-site) we'll be there to help.

Already have devices? We can reprogram most digital devices so that they will sound better or compensate for any further hearing loss you may experience.

Not sure if you really have hearing loss? A brief screening will let you know if further care is needed. We'll never pressure you to do anything you aren't ready for.

Maybe it's just wax. We'll use our video otoscope and stream a video of your canal for you to watch on our iPad. We have wax removal supplies for purchase.

Just don't know where to begin? Don't fret - contact us! We'll answer questions over the phone or through messages - with no obligations and no runaround.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a visit cost?
Ultimately that depends on what's needed. Most people need a full hearing evaluation to get started. At our office, it’s $29. If a mobile appointment is needed, a full evaluation is $69. Other visits can be cheaper. We also sell supplies and accessories.

How much are hearing aids?
A single, brand-new, basic custom digital hearing aid starts at $799. Most people choose a level of technology based off of their lifestyle. This can range anywhere from $899 to $2,500 per hearing aid. For more information please see our page on pricing and visit our online store.

~We'll be updating our FAQ page from time to time~





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