Owner: Caleb Dowell

Caleb Dowell

Caleb has over 15 years experience in the hearing healthcare industry. As a fully licensed hearing instrument specialist, he's been trained by all major hearing device manufacturers and continues to get many more continuing education hours than required by law. 

A nerd by hobby, Caleb knows more than just how to read an audiogram. He is extremely familiar with the equipment and software that goes into each device.

Aside from hearing devices, Caleb is also keenly familiar with assistive listening devices, stereo equipment, and wireless Bluetooth technology. 

Caleb currently lives in New Braunfels with his wife of 9 years, Bonnie. He has been helping people hear better in the Greater San Antonio area since 2008.

Director: Bonnie Dowell

Director: Bonnie Dowell

Bonnie Dowell

Bonnie has many years of office management and customer service experience. She has worked specifically in the hearing healthcare settings since 2009. 

When you call, Bonnie most likely answers the phone. She handles the schedule, answers most questions, and handles the majority of administrative work. 

She's always happy (and capable) to help! 

Our Story

Hearing In Motion is an exciting company that was born to provide new, better hearing options for Central Texas residents. It's long been known that internet prices for hearing devices are much lower than clinic prices. While a premium device at an average hearing clinic will cost upwards of $4,000 (each), many times you can find that same device for $2,500 on the internet. Why the price difference? Clinics tend to bundle services with the cost of their hearing devices. The hearing test? Free. Three years of programming? Free. The term 'free' of course is relative. These services should really just be considered 'paid in advance'. That's why Hearing In Motion was created. We decided to unbundle our prices so that you only have to pay for exactly what you get.

It's an exciting time for technology. Present day hearing devices are so much more sophisticated than they were even 5 years ago. Not only that - with the advent of wireless technology, wonderful assistive devices are available for our smartphones, televisions, and practically anything with a speaker. Our mobile philosophy at Hearing In Motion allows us to be right there with you, helping you setup and adjust these devices every step of the way.