Delivered right to you

Delivered right to you

Who We Are

We are a hearing care service that comes to you. No matter if you want a hearing test, need new hearing aids, or just want help with what you already have -- we can help.

Our concern is more about people than our bottom line. Being a locally owned, mobile business allows us to help people by charging less money for better service.

Our Story 

 Premium service

Premium service

What We Do

Simply put, we provide mobile hearing healthcare. We use state-of-the-art equipment for testing and work with virtually all hearing device manufacturers. 

Just need a little help with devices you already own? No problem! Our fees are very reasonable and there isn't much we can't handle. 

We also work with and create custom ear molds and ear protection for both industrial and recreational use.

Our Services 

 Happiness in hearing

Happiness in hearing

Why Us?

We're the best choice, the best price, and we are passionate about helping people. 

Having your hearing devices adjusted in your own environment is the best way to make sure you're happy with your investment.

We sell premium hearing solutions for much less than the competition. 

Everyone who needs a little help with hearing will benefit from our services.

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