Testimonials — See what our clients are saying about us.

Caleb and Bonnie have helped me so much. I can actually hear again. Sometimes Good Sometimes Bad.
I tell everyone about these guys.
— Michael Aguirrie [Facebook Reccommendation]
We highly recommend H.I.M.
Caleb has taking of my hearing needs for the past several years.
1. Great Service before and after the sale.
2. Great products and the best price point.
3. We have several friend who used H.I.M and they say they had the same experience.
Thank you so much, Caleb.
— David Ruiz [Facebook Reccomendation}
Having Caleb and Bonnie serve as my hearing specialists has been like getting all the newest technology that we used to get in his office rightt at my dining table. The relaxed atmosphere that comes from the two of them doiing the testing and adjusting from software and equipment that sits easily on the dining table in those relaxed surroundings is indeed a great experience.
The price is probablly the best selling point, but I personally enjoyed getting better hearing right at my dining table.
Try it, you’ll like it. Whoever said that knew what they were talking about.
— A. B. Menasco [Google Review]
I have received the most professional and qualified service for my hearing loss and aids of any hearing center I have ever encountered. I have used numerous offices over the years due to the fact that I have relocated to different cities and states. Caleb Dowell has been the most helpful hearing specialist I have ever had. He is courteous and willing to listen to my issues and has been able to solve any of my hearing issues. He stays current with the latest technology and I would not hesitate to recommend him and his staff to any of my family and friends.
— Hal
I have learned so much from Hearing In Motion. State of the art equipment, friendly staff, and quick service. Caleb is very knowledgeable, and his demeanor put me at ease as soon as we met. Definitely not your typical hearing aid company experience. Much better!
— Sam [Google Review]
Having the opportunity to have spent several years working with Caleb Dowell as a colleague in the hearing industry provides me with great impetus to let others know how incredibly well qualified he is to serve the needs of the hearing impaired. He demonstrates an exceptional degree of knowledge regarding all levels of hearing instrument technology that is only matched by his genuine concern and care for each individual he is able to help. Those in the New Braunfels and San Antonio communities that suffer from hearing loss are incredibly fortunate to have Caleb at their disposal to provide such an incredible level of technology and service. Those that avail themselves of his services will no doubt find they experience a remarkable level of satisfaction and happiness in their hearing.
— Ben Taylor of Hearing, Balance & Speech Center in Hamden, CT