We All Lip Read

Do you lip-read? You might be surprised by how much you do.

McGurk Effect:

The McGurk effect is a perceptual phenomenon that demonstrates an interaction between hearing and vision in speech perception. The illusion occurs when the auditory component of one sound is paired with the visual component of another sound, leading to the perception of a third sound. The visual information a person gets from seeing a person speak changes the way they hear the sound. People who are used to watching dubbed movies may be among people who are not susceptible to the McGurk effect because they have, to some extent, learned to ignore the information they are getting from the mouths of the "speakers".

Lip-reading and Hearing Loss

Many clients score highly when given a word test where they can see the speakers face. However, when we place a piece of paper in front of the speakers mouth, the score often drops considerably. Doing well with one-on-one conversations doesn't mean there isn't considerable hearing loss.