Custom Designed Hearing Protection

No one wants to suffer from hearing loss. We offer a wide selection of custom ear molds so that you can protect your hearing while you continue to enjoy life.

Below you will find prices on our most popular custom molds. If you simply want to keep an impression of your ear for your own use, the price is $35 per ear. The price of an ear impression is included in the costs shown below.

Industrial Hearing Protection

DefendEar MAX                   $126 each
DefendEar Lite                     $140 each
DefendEar Convertible        $140 each


Hobbyist Hearing Protection

 Surfers' Swim Plug

Surfers' Swim Plug

Swim Plugs                            $75 each
Surfers' Swim Plug                 $93 each
Musicians Filtered Mold         $97 each
Hunters (non-digital)               $95 each
Snoring Ear Plug                     $77 each
…ask about other options.